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We are so very excited to our Izaak Azanei ECO Collection!
Izaak Azanei ECO offers you the choice to invest in consciously crafted, fully sustainable fashion.
More and more of us are questioning the origin of the materials in the things
that we buy. Our considered approach in this Collection has meant
sourcing materials in a way that takes into account the welfare of our environment.
Our design mission from day one has been to create elevated closet staples
for all women everywhere and Izaak Azanei ECO adheres to this ethos
completely. The only difference is that each piece within the Collection has
been lovingly crafted with sustainable materials to bring our designs to life. 
We are incredibly proud to say that the materials used in this Collection
When we launched our Izaak Azanei Essentials Collection back in May
2020, our tagline was that the world doesn't need more, it needs better.
Using sustainable materials demonstrates our commitment to making
fashion circular, thus helping to show the fashion industry that a different
system is possible.
Izaak Azanei ECO comes to you after 1.5 years of hard work and we couldn't
be happier that it's finally here to share with the world. We hope you love
it and see the potential in the new direction which we are going in, hand
in hand, together with you.
With love,



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