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Words can’t really do justice to the feeling that arose when our two worlds collided – IZAAK AZANEI and motherhood - to form Little IA. It was a very natural evolution of our brand, as this brand has always encapsulated our own personal and authentic journeys. We started IZAAK AZANEI when we were 20, 25 and 26 respectively, and since then, two of us have gone through becoming wives, becoming mothers for the first time, and recently for the second time (Karishma and I gave birth 7 days apart!).  Being a working mother feels sort of like leading a double life. You sit at your desk, your to-do list seems endless and you reply to email after email, and at some points of the day you have glimpses or flashes in your head of you and your baby this morning - a giggle when they woke up, or a crying fit at breakfast time - and suddenly you get jerked right back into reality at work at your desk. To bring these two worlds together feels nothing short of deep fulfillment. Work has seen a very strong side of us, one that is constantly working tirelessly to produce clothes that our customer loves, our retailers love, a collection our press team feel they can endorse. In a fashion environment that feels over-saturated and dominated by endless trends and fast-fashion companies churning out designs in a matter of hours – designers that still rely on a seasonal vision and a long production process, can sometimes feel like the journey is a hard one, and one that requires a quiet confidence of spirit and fiercely unwavering commitment. In a different although similar way, motherhood has required a softness, a gentle heart, a resilience unlike anything experienced before, and a deep confidence in your ability. 

Bringing work and motherhood together often feels surreal. We often Instagram our Paris Fashion Week trips with our kids and you’ll regularly see our HQ resembling a rarely tidy soft play. These are luxuries we do not take for granted, they also look more comfortable than they are – trying to get through a budget meeting with a nappy-less 1.5 year old singing baby shark next to you is no easy feat. But we do it. Because working for ourselves in our own office space, we have the immense luxury of not missing a moment with our child, which we know more than anything is a rare luxury. Working for ourselves means there are no days off, design trips have led to us missing certain moments such as first walks, similarly, being pregnant has led us missing extremely important meetings - it is a constant balance of wins and losses, but the ability to bring our kids with us on this journey and try and bridge our worlds together, has been far more fulfilling than any of the negatives. 

To all mums out there, full-time mums (we salute you with the utmost respect for never taking a moment off) and working mums – we are all united by one common thread - wanting to always do our best for our children and fill them & their lives with kindness, compassion, values of respect and integrity. Wanting nothing more than to see them smile, knowing at the end of a long and tiring day when we are tucking them into bed, their happiness and contentment is all we really need to get us through. Little IA has been so deeply fulfilling to work on. The cashmere and merino blends are combined with dye-free natural trimming, the safest and softest materials for the people we love the most in the world. When you wear a piece of Little IA on your little one you are wearing a very special piece of our hearts, designed with so much love, care and respect for these tiny humans that come along and disrupt our worlds with colour, magic, noise and so much love. All the children you see before you in our campaign are all children of our best friends, including Karishma’s daughter Ariana – another aspect of this new line that was deeply fulfilling. Our little humans are our future, so why not dress them in the chicest, cutest most comfortable attire whilst they’re running our worlds. Shop Little IA Here ►




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