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BAD BLOOD - John Carreyrou


By John Carreyrou

A book that I finished in 2 days it was JUST THAT GOOD. You may have heard of Elizabeth Holmes - you know the one. The woman who created med-tech company, Theranos, which promised to deliver a product that would change the future of blood testing forever. The woman who convinced industry leaders to part ways with their millions to invest in this revolutionary product. The product that never even worked. Yes, THAT woman. Don’t worry, we’ve not ruined it for you, because that isn’t even the most scandalous part. This book details every single moment from when she started to when she got found out. You will not be able to put it down and you’ll be left wondering how someone even managed to fool so many influential people for so long.

We’ve started with this book because if you’ve stumbled across this page and don’t usually read, this is DEFINITELY the book to start with because it’s just as good, as juicy and as gripping as watching a great show. You don’t have to love reading to love this one; anyone and everyone can enjoy it.

Overall score: 10/10

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