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If I’m not working, I’m most likely reading - it’s how I relax and it’s one of my favourite things to do. There exists a multitude of books for every single mood and, over the years, I’ve explored books from pretty much every genre - biographical, historical, spiritual, chick-lit, criminal, philosophical - you name it, I would have read something within that area. Below are a Collection of books that have left an impression and I will be adding to this list for the days to come. Each link provides a brief summary of what I thought about the book (rest assured, there are no spoilers in sight!) and I should point out that all feelings expressed are entirely my own.

I do hope that this serves of some use to each and every one of you reading this and I hope that you too can get lost in the pages of whatever you decide to pick up and read!

Sending you love & light,




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