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RED NOTICE - Bill Browder


By Bill Browder
Any book that says ‘How I became Putin’s Number 1 Enemy’ on the front in big bold letters will obviously capture my attention, so I went along with it and I am so glad that I did. This book wastes no time and dives right into the story that leads to Browder actually becoming Putin’s enemy.
What I really appreciated about this book is that every complex financial term (there are more than a few) was concisely explained making it both educational and interesting. Bill Browder writes so unbelievably well that I personally found it hard to appreciate the book that followed once I was done with Red Notice, purely because the bar was set so high, just for how eloquently he told his story. It’s shocking, it’s gripping and (although this sounds cliche) it is just SO interesting! Every chapter leaves you wanting more and this is a book that can easily be finished in a couple of days.
Overall score: 10/10
If you are interested in buying this book, please do consider buying a pre-owned copy to help save trees!